Changes in the Pegaz Programme Tendering Procedure. Extended Deadlines

5 września 2019, 14:49
Hawkei is one of the platforms offered within the Pegaz programme. Image Credit: R. Surdacki/

The Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD decided to change the requirements pertaining to delivery of the multi-purpose vehicles for the special operations component (the Pegaz programme). The deadlines for submission of requests to participate and for completion of the task itself have been extended as well.

The changes pertain to four areas. The deadline pertaining to submission of requests to participate in the procurement procedure has been extended, along with the delivery deadline. Requirements have also been changed, with regards to the suppliers and to delivery qualification.

The requests submission deadline has been postponed from 30th August to 30th September 2019. Meanwhile, the agreement term was changed from 24 to 36 months from the date of conclusion of the agreement.

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Another change pertaining to qualification of the deliveries makes the requirements pertaining to that matter less strict. So far the MoD assumed that the potential contractor should have a delivery accomplished in his portfolio, with a value of at least 6 million zlotys, covering supply of three examples of armoured 4×4 offroad vehicles with armour protection level of no less than level 2 according to STANAG 4569 annex A and explosion protection level of no less than level 2 according to STANAG 4569 annex 2. The vehicles in question should also have been fitted with a remotely controlled gun system. The new, amended terms assume that the requirement to equip the vehicles with a remotely controlled armament module would be dropped.

In case of the requirements related to the suppliers, the content of the new announcement reads as follows: "As per Article 131d, section. 1 of the Public Procurement Act, the offers may be submitted by the contractors whose headquarters or home address is located within the territory of one of the EU member states, within the European Economic Area, or in a state, with which the EU (or Poland) has signed an agreement on cooperation, within the scope of the orders related to defence and security.” The above group of countries from which the contractors may come has also been extended, as Australian entities may now submit their requests as well.
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