WB Group Establishes Cooperation with the Australians. Innovative UAV Solutions

3 listopada 2017, 15:39

The WB Group has signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Australian Cablex company. According to the provisions of the document, the Group is to begin a close collaboration with Cablex. This would happen in a form of a transfer of technology and joint R&D efforts, as well as within the scope of maintenance services and training activities.

Cablex has submitted a promising and detailed offer for us, with regards to introduction of our systems onto the Australian market. (...) As we are proponents of establishing collaboration that would be as close as possible, with the local partners on the given domestic market, we've gladly accepted the model of cooperation proposed by Cablex. We think that the Australian approach towards promotion of the domestic industry and R&D initiatives resembles the one we experience in Poland. I am convinced that the memorandum of understanding we have just signed would mark the beginning of a long term and fruitful collaboration between Poland and Australia in the defence sector.

Piotr Wojciechowski – President of the Management Board at the WB Group.

As the representatives of the Polish firm stress, the cooperation between the WB Group and the Cablex company will be mostly focused on the C4ISR and UAV domains. Both entities are going to jointly work on innovative solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the Australian military.

The cooperation is to start shortly Throughout the upcoming year the WB Group is willing to present its systems to the representatives of the Austrialian Armed Forces. 

The conclusion of the memorandum took place in presence of the Australian Minister of Defence Christopher Pyne who, during his short visit to Poland, also met the head of the Polish Ministry of Defence, Antoni Macierewicz. The Defence Ministers met on Monday evening in Warsaw. During the break in the meeting Macierewicz was stating that the talks included a long and mutual exchange of opinions, covering the diagnoses related to the current geopolitical contexts, both in the Asia-Pacific area, as well as on the NATO Eastern Flank. 

The head of the Polish Ministry of Defence stressed that joint involvement in the anti-ISIS coalition, as well as War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, constitute a common ground between Australia and Poland. However, potential common interest between our defence industries and exchange of experiences between our armies, are also connecting factors between us – as Macierewicz noted.

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