Ukraine: National Crowdfunding–Drones

2 lipca 2015, 12:33

The Ukrainian population is executing a crowdfunding campaign, the aim of which is to acquire a UAV system which would make it possible for the Ukrainian Army to monitor the position and movement of the enemy forces. So far, only 84% of the required funds have been gathered.

The goal of the initiative undertaken by one of the Internet websites is to create the first “Social UAV System” initiative which would make it possible to provide support for the Ukrainian armed forces during the political/military crisis. PD-1 (People’s Drone) UAV is to be the key element of the system.

The aim is to gather an amount of UAH 764 870, which is an equivalent of USD 36 400. So far amount of UAH 648 020 has been already gathered, thus the initiative will almost certainly be successful. The Ukrainians want to transfer the UAV to the Army. The key requirement is that the new vehicle is to be resistant to the enemy’s jamming equipment. Even if the ground control centre loses its connection with the drone, the vehicle shall be capable of returning to base on its own.

In order to meet this requirement, the drone is going to be fitted with an effective and precise INS which would determine the drone’s position continuously, with a reference to the take-off location. The observation system is to be utilizing an optronic device which would feature, among other sensors, a thermal vision camera. The assumed period of autonomous flight is 5 hours. The drone’s wingspan is 3 m, while the payload it may carry shall weigh up to 7 kg. Landing is to be carried out with the use of a parachute.
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