Remontowa Shipbuilding Shipyard Initiates Construction Works Concerning the Fourth Tugboat

6 listopada 2018, 13:32
Metal sheet cutting event at Remontowa Shipbuilding. Image Credit: IU.WP.MIL.PL

Metal sheet burning process has been launched at the Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. facility, with regards to the fourth (B860/4) out of six newly built H-11 class tugboats destined for the Polish Navy. 

The event related to metal sheet cutting, with the sheets destined to be used to build a new vessel, alongside the representatives of the Armament Inspectorate, also involved employees of other divisions of the MoD included in the Control Group created by the head of the Inspectorate to supervise the contract. The experts of the Navy units that are going to operate the vessel also attended the meeting.

Event of metal sheet cutting at Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. / Image Credit: IU.WP.MIL.PL

 Following the launch the vessel is to be known under the name “Semko (H-12)”. Not only is it going to deliver logistical support on the open waters and within the harbor areas, but it is also to support recovery, rescue and supply operations. It is capable of carrying up to 4 tonnes of less than container load. It is also going to be employed in operations related to neutralization of contamination and dealing with hazardous materials in the water.

The unit’s displacement is defined as 490 tonnes, with pulling strength of no less than 35 tonnes. Two 1200 kW diesel engines with two azimuthal thrusters of the same power are to serve as propulsion.  The vessel will be manned by a crew of 10. The tugboat in question is going to carry 7-days worth quantity of fuel, with capacity of operating autonomously (carrying out the tasks relevant for the class and type, without a need to return to base for the sake of recovery) for 5 days. L-1 ice class reinforcements will make it possible for the vessel to operate on the Baltic Sea all year long.

First of the H-11 series tugs. Image Credit: A. Nitka/

 Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. will deliver 6 H-11 class vessels for the Polish Navy until 2020. Handing off of the first of the vessels, named Bolko back in October this year, is planned to happen in early 2019. Further tugboats are to be received by the Navy in several months intervals. At the moment the first of the vessels of this series, that was launched on 8th October, undergoes a process in which main and auxiliary systems and onboard equipment are installed, while the second and the third vessels undergo works concerning their hulls.
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