Polish President Endorses Amendment Of The NATO Strategic Doctrine

19 marca 2015, 09:49

Bronislaw Komorowski, the Polish President, after the meeting of the Polish National Security Council, stated that he would endorse change of the NATO strategic concept in the light of the Russian threat.

The meeting of the National Security Council covered the issue of changes that have been introduced into the Russian national security doctrine. According to President Komorowski, Russia decided to adopt a “confrontation stance towards the West”. The Polish President stated that, in a response, both allied, as well as the national defence systems should be reinforced. At the same time, coherence of the Western reaction should also be ensured.

It would be of great importance that the Western world reviews and amends the strategic concept of the NATO alliance. Debate on that issue shall be started during the NATO summit in Warsaw, next year.

President Bronislaw Komorowski

The President noted that there is a great need to implement the arrangements that were discussed during the NATO summit in Newport which took place last year, particularly within the scope of provision of support for the Mid-Eastern Europe.

According to Komorowski, one of the most worrying issues contained in the Russian military doctrine stems from the fact, that the new strategy legitimises option of inflicting pressure on the neighbouring countries. Current NATO strategic doctrine, adopted back in 2010, assumes that Mid-Eastern Europe is a calm area, within which there is little or no danger of conventional attacks. According to the doctrine which is currently in force, NATO is to expand its cooperation with Russia, also within the scope of anti-missile defence systems.

The strategic concept states that cooperation with Moscow shall be based on the NATO-Russia Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security, signed back in 1997. Provisions of this document have been breached by Moscow e.g. because of annexation of Crimea and subsequent armed activity in the eastern part of Ukraine. In the light of annexation of Crimea NATO has decided to suspend its cooperation with Russia.





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Ferdynand Barbasiewicz
piątek, 20 marca 2015, 14:33

APPEAL OF DR FERDYNAND BARBASIEWICZ, A HUMANIST TO PRESIDENTS OF STATES, PRIME MINISTER, MINISTERS OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, PARLIAMENT MEMBERS AND POLITICIANS IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF THE UNITED NATIONS. Attention! It is highest time for the UN Secretary General to have a mandate granted by 4/5 of the Forum of the UN Assembly to bring UN mediatory peace forces with the described below extremely effective DEFENSIVE-HUMANITARIAN weapons in future international conflicts where using force is virtually inevitable. My personal proposal for the UN Secretary General stems from effective and competent pursuing to prevent human victims and destruction of the infrastructure necessary for the existence of the local community like in Ukraine or other places on the EARTH. Substantiation: As we know from previous experience, in conflict situations in the world before UN Security Council takes any mediatory decisions (or a Council member vetoes them), as a rule military actions are taken, people get killed and the conditions of the existence of human community are destroyed in offensive military activities. Military and police rapid response mediatory forces subordinated to the UN Secretary General should be equipped with the described below logistic humanitarian-defensive means, which in computer simulated research were evaluated very highly in terms of efficiency at the Institute of the Navy Academy. This opinion was expressed in writing by rear admiral Zbigniew Badeński, Chief of the Staff of the Navy of the Republic of Poland on 30 October 2000. THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND VERY CHEAP HUMANITARIAN DEFENCE AT THE LEGAL DISPOSAL OF THE UN SECRETARY GENERAL FOR MAINTENANCE OF PEACE IN THE WORLD, WITHOUT HUMAN VICTIMS AND DESTRUCTION OF THE INFRASTRUCTURE NECESSARY FOR HUMAN EXISTENCE IN THE CONTEXT OF SOLVING GEOPOLITICAL CONFLICTS UNDER THREAT OF THE USE OF OFFENSIVE MILITARY FORCES BY THE AGGRESSOR. HUMANITARIAN WARHEAD FOR DESTRUCTION OF AIRCRAFTS AND HELICOPTERS OF THE AGGRESSOR, “blinding” radars, shutting down drives of ships and mines with foil strips for shutting down engines of tanks and other military vehicles, disabling the infantry of the aggressor humanitarianly. The enclosed proposal may also be helpful in combating terrorism. Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, the author of the design and appeal, Poland After appropriate psychological examinations and specialised training, in a situation of the approaching military crisis a soldier, an officer, a sailor as well as an experienced policeman puts on a helmet on his head, which is equipped with a specific electronic camera reading the observation movement of the pupil reflection on a specified object flying in the air or floating on water or running on land. In the first design of the module, a computer capable of tracking in a split second the reflection of the eye pupil observing a flying military aircraft, floating ship, running tank and other similar military vehicles of the aggressor. In that time the officer presses the button of a pocket remote and then the computer in a fraction of one thousandth of a second guides the laser ray on the observed aircraft or other military objects of the enemy following their sight and precisely locates the distance, ceiling, direction and the speed of flight, run or other movement. Subsequently, a cannon, rocket launcher installed on an electromagnetic gyroscope with recoil amortisation, on a special platform of a military vehicle, which in a split second adjusts the direction of the cannon shot, rocket launch with precise programming of the electronic firing in the missile or rocket head is ahead of the explosion at 2-3 km before the enemy military aircraft flying in the air, which is to be destroyed in 2 seconds. When the missile or rocket head explodes at 2 km precisely in the flight course of the enemy aircraft a round cloud of densely scattered foil strips of precisely defined chemical composition is formed. Such a cloud is 200 meters in diameter and the enemy aircraft will inevitably enter it. A pilot of the enemy aircraft is given 2 seconds to activate the ejector seat and leave the machine. In a similar manner crewless military aircrafts and military helicopters of the aggressor are destroyed. A similar effect is achieved by a missile fired from a cannon or a rocket, which bursts just above the deck of an approaching warship or just before an approaching vehicle, where strips of foil of precisely defined chemical composition will be effectively sucked with the air and will thoroughly stick the air filters of the engines of the above mentioned vehicles for a precisely pre-planned period. Similarly, foil strips stick radars leaving the military equipment of the enemy useless, e.g for one hour or longer. Small arms, a rifle steered by a soldier with a laser meter, with a basal grenade with foil strips receives the bearing of the object for shutting down its engine by sticking its filters and blinding radar or disabling the infantry of the aggressor. In a missile or rocket head in a few thousands of a second a program gets activated in an electronic fuse of the missile in a manner that causes the explosion at 2-3 km before a plane or at a smaller distance as required before the aggressor’s other moving object. When the missile head reaches the correct position at an appropriate distance before an aircraft or other object a programmed explosion of the head takes place, which scatters very thin and multiple strips of foil of precisely defined chemical composition for a military aircraft in 100 meter radius. The foil strips set fire on and destroy the engines of the plane being in the air. Foil strips for destruction of the drives on the enemy aircrafts in the form of thick spherical cloud stay in the air for one minute only and next they utilise themselves and vanish. A pilot from the enemy aircraft gets absolute 2 seconds for activating the ejector seat and leaving the plane. A second simple electronic system installed similarly in a helmet or on a crewless plane simultaneously works on detecting a strong emission of very high temperature fume infrared emitted by aircrafts, helicopters and rockets during a flight on cloudy days, at night, in fog, etc. The computer uses laser to evaluate in a fraction of one thousandth of a second the ceiling, distance, direction and speed of the flight. At the same time the computer defines the trajectory of outrunning the flight direction for a missile/rocket with a humanitarian warhead, which after being launched bursts at 2-3 kilometres before the enemy’s multi-task plane both in the line and in the flight direction forming a cloud of 200 metre diameter (in the shape of the so called fireworks), into which in 2-3 seconds the aircraft will inevitably fall and in a split second its turbines, jest engines will be destroyed and the plane is bound to fall down to the EARTH. I also have a very effective system of destroying any missiles of short, middle and long range, which at a very high speed and friction in the air resistance maintain critically high temperature of the rocket coating. And if we add to the enemy’s rocket surface strips of foil of specified chemical composition, in a few seconds the temperature of the rocket coating will increase significantly and cause an earlier explosion of the fuel supply. Then the rocket will not reach its target as it will be effectively destroyed and it will fall down. Seven charges of foil strips launched from one head of a defensive rocket end up as planned in the line of the direction of the enemy rocket, into which in a fraction of one thousandth of a second the enemy rocket will inevitably fall. And the chemical composition of foil strips with addition of ferrite will result in their multiple sticking to the external coating of the rocket. Subsequently, as a result of friction with the air foil strips will catch fire and rapidly increase the temperature of the substance of the rocket drive until explosion of the fuel supply. It is possible for a second rocket to extend the heating of the fuel supply casing on the enemy rocket. Note! An appropriate program electronic regulation of the defensive head ignition takes place with reference to shutting down the drives of any other vehicles in motion on water and land by sticking their air filters with foil strips. Just imagine the German attack of Schleswig-Holstein battleship of 1 September 1939 on the Polish Military Base Westerplatte, when an explosion of one head of a missile with foil strips would have been enough aboard that battleship. Powerful engines of the German warship generating electricity, which affects the efficiency of steering cannons, torpedoes and radars on board, would suddenly have shut down the drive of the battleship. Total immobility of all the devices would have followed including the radars getting blinded. In such circumstances the subsequent missiles from Westerplatte would have easily maintained the engines and radars of the enemy battleship motionless. In a similar manner and without much effort it would have been possible to destroy the German aircrafts, which in the Second World War used to fly at much lower altitudes than now as well as all the military vehicles of the enemy on land and water. Foil strips can blind the most modern radars, which in their working activity have a positive ionisation whereas in case of foil strips it is negative. Foil strips can disappear in any pre-programmed time, for example from 10, 100 and more minutes. Why did I call this head humanitarian? Because I am a humanist by nature and education. I give the pilot 2 seconds for using an ejector seat and leaving the plane, which is inevitably bound to be destroyed or as is the case with the enemy military helicopter in motion or other objects in motion, also on land or on water. Dear political decision makers, in crisis and even military activities killing people, the enemy troops and destruction of the infrastructure of human existence is the greatest calamity of the XXIst century. Please, respect, protect when the case may be lives of all people, including future POWs in military action, who as a rule are victims of stupidity and lack of competence of politicians due to the lack of psychological selection of the staff and appropriate tenders as well as inappropriate preparation in unsuccessful peace negotiations. And as a consequence of their incompetence in the critical moment they pass their decisions to emotionally desperate military commanders, who are suddenly burdened with liability for maintaining security in a badly equipped and trained army. As far as neutralisation of the enemy infantry or terrorists is concerned foil strips can be enriched with disabling or soporific neuroparalyser depending on the conditions in which the enemy soldiers or terrorists with hostages can be found. Neuroparalysers act so quickly that a troop will not be able to put on a gas mask and will be unconscious, dormant up to 2 minutes(?). Moreover, you can plant humanitarian mines in the threatened border zone for shutting down engines of the enemy military vehicles and even clothes and footwear of the enemy troops or terrorists being pasted over in a split second, which will also captivate them considerably limiting movement efficiency for a pre-programmed time. Please, imagine the current situation in south-eastern Ukraine or in Syria, Iraq and many other states, where unpunished organised terrorists run military actions. – A separate operational development remains to be made on the problem of the tactics in terms of reaction of the land and sea forces for taking over the disabled enemy troops, terrorists and their equipment. There is also an issue of the enemy artillery, which can be solved by early identification of the enemy positions and appropriate firing with humanitarian warheads. An attack of the enemy artillery can be survived also by building fortified permanent and mobile defence positions for own artillery in the border zone and in connection with a possibility of making use of humanitarian warheads against the staff operating the enemy cannons or missile launchers. I suggest propagating and giving publicity to this appeal and letter effectively enough for all states of the world to make use of “Humanitarian warhead”, which is very efficient and very cheap. It would eventually put an end to military actions against other states. End of barbarian destruction, bombardment of what man has created and so has the NATURE. “…taking care of the existence conditions in agreement with the universal wisdom of NATURE, let us respect any gift of life and be happy also with happiness of others”, - the author’s life motto. The money saved on liquidation of the traditional and current weapons should be used for implementation of the projects described in my e-book: EDEN XXI WIEKU (EDEN OF THE 21ST CENTURY). More information can be found on: www.klawiterapia.com I present my compliments and give best regards - Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, the author of designs, also of vehicles flying on waves at the speed of 700-800 km/h, which in computer simulated research were evaluated very highly by the Institute of the Navy Academy. This opinion was expressed in writing by rear admiral Zbigniew Badeński, Chief of the Staff of the Navy of the Republic of Poland on 30 October 2000. Vehicles flying on waves do not require airports and they should gradually eliminate the passenger air transport over seas and oceans. Also read in …Eden on extraordinary tunnel transportation and rate other projects. Contact with the author: centrum@klawiterapia.com Tel/fax +48 22 7298053. VEHICLE FLYING ON WAVES, Polish designs, prototypes to be made in our country. Due to high travelling speed of 700 km/h large vehicles flying on waves “Bazamat” and “Córa” can be of unique use in sea/ocean lifesaving. A large vehicle flying on waves “Bazamat” will thanks to its travelling speed eliminate in the future air and water transport over seas/oceans; it does not require airports or sea ports and it can be afloat even on larger rivers and land … even on the beach. “Bazamat” may accommodate as many as 5.000 passengers with large luggage, who will be travelling in luxurious conditions at the same time as in air transport. A large vehicle flying on waves “Bazamat” thanks to its travelling speed over seas / oceans can be a phenomenal offensive/defensive aircraft carrier. – Read and see more on the web site: www.klawiterapia.com/bazamat Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, the author On 23 August 2000 I had the pleasure to submit in person to admiral Ryszard Łukasik, the Commander of the Navy of the Republic of Poland an inventor’s design along with technical documentation of a “vehicle flying on waves”. To be more precise, I submitted a few variants of vehicles of various size for initial evaluation in terms of merits and logistics. On 30 October 2000 I received a reply from the Headquarters of the Navy in writing, which among others states that “...a concept of a vehicle flying on waves being a vision of an ideal tool of modern combat strategy is interesting and the implementation aspect cannot be ruled out in distant future”. Only the largest, offensive vehicle was evaluated – with the conclusion that such huge vehicles can be of interest only to our NATO allies (US Navy, Royal Navy and the French Navy) having strategic and defensive fleets. According to my identification and opinion the Navy of the Republic of Poland should first and foremost get interested in smaller variants (“Córa”, universal and scooter) for defensive purposes, which among others are equipped with modern armament systems. The estimated price of fully equipped “Córa” will be equal to the estimated market value of three multi-task military aircrafts whereas the defensive merits of “Córa” in water and land conditions are many times as effective as three multi-task military aircrafts. “Córa” has aboard 3 helicopters, 4 universal water and land vehicles with combat force higher than latest tanks. Aboard each universal vehicle there are 4 two-person water and land scooters (in total 16 universal vehicles) constituting very efficient sea infantry. The estimated price of an equipped universal vehicle (scooters and other weapons, humanitarian warheads, etc.) falls within the value of 260 million dollars. Universal vehicles are much cheaper than modern tanks and their logistic, tactical, manoeuvre and fighting capacity is uncompetitive. Besides, “Córa” has: 3 tactical missile launchers, also with humanitarian warheads for very effective destruction of the drives of aircrafts, helicopters, rockets and shutting down drives of any military vehicle on land and water. Apart from that the equipment includes torpedo and depth charge launchers and other weapons. “Córa” universal and scooter is capable of moving up to 20 meters under water. They have superb camouflage opportunities both on and under water, sonars, underwater surveillance, radars and satellite navigation. “Córa” has extraordinary manoeuvre capacity as well as travelling speed reaching in favourable navigation conditions even 700 km/h. It can land by the shore, on the beach. It does not require the service of expensive airports or sea ports. It can run combat activity from rivers in inland conditions. Large vehicles “Baza-mat”, “Córa”, universal vehicles and scooters are unsinkable as their platforms are in 4/5 filled with foamed polystyrene in multiple chambers (like a honeycomb) and in layers with special quality mineral wool instead of armour. Moreover, “Baza-mat”, “Córa”, universal vehicles and scooters are compatible in tactical and defensive as well as strategic and offensive water and water and land activity with other formations. After neutralisation of enemy water units and military vehicles on land with a humanitarian warhead the above mentioned vehicles are capable of performing an effective “boarding” on units whose engines and radars have been shut down for a specified time by means of a humanitarian warhead and the crew on board has been “blinded” for a short time and whose external orientation has been lost. The defensive problems constituting the essence of the National Military Forces were omitted, however, the above mentioned vehicles are exceptionally favourable in defensive application in every respect. It was also stated that the Departments of the Navy Headquarters do not do research in terms of primary research on new (not used anywhere else) combat devices as well as their carriers.” I was also informed who deals with such research and where to send correspondence in this case. It was stated that a decision on research and implementation can only be taken by the Minister of National Defence. The reply was signed by rear admiral Zbigniew Badeński – the Chief of the Staff of the Navy of the Republic of Poland. – Of course, as recommended I sent the same letters along with technical documentation by electronic mail to: the Minister of National Defence, the Chief of the Staff of the Polish Army, shipyards in Gdynia and Szczecin, the Centre of Warship Construction in Gdańsk, the Commission of the National Defence in the Sejm [lower house of the Polish Parliament], the Aviation Institute in Warsaw and as recommended by the Headquarters of the Navy to the NATO allied fleets: US Navy, Royal Navy and the Navy of France. In reply I received cordial thanks in writing. It is worth underlying that a large vehicle flying on waves “Bazamat” can successfully replace air transport over seas and oceans as it reaches travelling speed of even 700 km/h. “Bazamat” does not require airports, it can land even … on the beach and can accommodate as many as 5.000 passengers with large luggage – More information can be found on the web sites: www.klawiterapia.com/bazamat and www.klawiterapia.com/dyskpo .. Best regards – Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, colonel, retired.