Polish Police Acquires Head Protection Gear Before The NATO Summit in Warsaw

24 lutego 2016, 13:42
MICH MID-CUT Helmet. Image Credit: lubawa.com.pl
Image Credit: Marek Krupa/KGP/BOA Archive

General Police Headquarters of Poland announced a tender, regarding an accelerated procurement of ballistic helmets. Short deadline is a result of the equipment needs of the Police, arising in the light of the NATO summit in Warsaw.

General Police Headquarters of Poland announced a tender, regarding an accelerated supply of ballistic helmets. 1749 helmets are expected to be acquired. The final offer placing deadline expires on 29th February 2016. Supplies are to start a month later, with the final examples of the equipment to be delivered on 16th September 2016. Accelerated tender is related to the procurement profile, as the purchase is connected with the NATO Summit, scheduled to happen in July 2016.

The Ordering Party requires the initial batch of 384 helmets to be delivered until 15th June 2016. The offer which is the best price-wise is going to be selected, with additional attention given to the terms of reference-contained specification. Polish Police is willing to acquire ballistic ACH or MICH combat head-gear. The general value of the order will exceed the amount of EUR 135,000.

In the light of the preparations for the NATO Summit in Warsaw, scheduled to take place between 8th and 9th July this year, and for the World Youth Day organized in Cracow later, the Polish Police decided to carry out accelerated procurement of relevant equipment. A prime example of the initiative may be seen in procurement of the long firearms, including the MP-5A5 machine pistols and H&K 416 and 417 carbines, most probably for the counter-terrorist elements.

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