Polish MoD: Bridge Solution Possible in the Rosomak BMS Programme

3 listopada 2017, 15:52

Some kind of” bridge decision cannot be ruled out, with regards to the future of the Rosomak BMS battle management suite, as the head of the Polish Ministry of Defence, Antoni Macierewicz, stated. According to the Polish official, one cannot wait endlessly for the design, process and procedural problems to be solved. Meanwhile, the product proposed by the PGZ Group has passed, with a positive result, the second test phase. 

Antoni Macierewicz, during his meeting with journalists on Monday, admitted that the said programme “faces a very serious problem” indeed, while the decision is going to be made on the basis of a review conducted by a “special group” that recently left to visit the Siemianowice Śląskie-based Rosomak factory. Macierewicz did not rule out a “gap-bridging solution” though.

We, of course, are going to conduct further development of this battlefield management system, however it cannot be ruled out that I could be forced to make some kind of bridge solution, meaning that waiting for completion of implementation of the said system, a limited function would be initiated, with a communications system operated between the vehicles, thus we cannot wait forever. The Army needs those vehicles. We must make them available to the Army, and I cannot let myself wait forever until a variety of design, technological or procedural - as such issues exist too - problems are resolved.

Antoni Macierewicz, Head of the Polish MoD

When asked whether the gap-filler solution is being offered by the PGZ Group, the Minister suggested that it is available within the “family of the Polish manufacturers”. After follow-up questions were added, Macierewicz admitted that it would remain permissible to utilize WB Electronics’ or Teldat’s solutions.

The Minister admitted that the procedure has lasted too long now, and “thus the decision would be taken this year”. Meanwhile, the product proposed by the PGZ Group has passed, with a positive result, the second test phase. It came to an end on 27th October 2017. The test protocol that confirms the fact that the product, similarly as during the first phase, meets all of the requirements, was signed on 30th October. 

The first procurement procedure concerning the “Rosomak BMS” Battalion-Level Battle Management Suite was initiated by the Polish Ministry of Defence back in July 2015, with four entities submitting their offers. The requests to have their offers included in the procedure were submitted by: consortium formed by PGZ, PIT-RADWAR and WB Electronics; KenBIT company; consortium formed by Comarch and Air Force Institute of Technology; and consortium led by Asseco Poland also involving the following entities: TELDAT, Siltec, Enigma, CMGI and Military University of Technology.

In July 2016, the Polish Ministry of Defence cancelled the procedure. The relevant decision was made after state security interest presence was reassessed. Then, it was decided to invite solely the entities that remain under the control of the Treasury, to participate in the procurement process.

Read more: Rosomak BMS Tender Cancelled.

Another procedure managed by the Armament Inspectorate and on the basis of the Inspectorate’s schedule began in September 2016. According to the announcements made at the time, invitation letter was sent solely to the Treasury-controlled companies. Meanwhile, in July 2017, the Polish Ministry of Defence informed that the Agreement is expected to be signed before the end of 2017. Polish Armaments Group informed Defence24 that it still remains ready to sign a relevant contract and meet the aforesaid deadline, considering the positive results of the recent tests.  

According to the information Defence24 received from the Polish Ministry of Defence, the Rosomak BMS system is placed among the priority tasks of the Technical Modernization Plan, with the agreements planned to be signed next year.

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