Polish Military to Acquire a Mobile Technical Protection System

30 marca 2020, 09:13
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The Armament Inspectorate of the Polish Ministry of Defence announced its willingness to execute a technical dialogue aimed at obtaining information on the possible “Mobile Infrastructure Technical Protection System” solutions.

According to the Armament Inspectorate and its release, the procedure is aimed at completing an acquisition of a mobile security system that consists of a high mobility vehicle and a bodywork that would house hardware allowing for continuous monitoring of the protected area.

The technical dialogue is to make it possible to assess the possibility of meeting the preliminary requirements. The communication taking place during that phase is aimed at specifying the conditions pertaining to the logistics, certainty, and security of delivery and training activities. The dialogue is also to allow for estimation of the cost associated with the acquisition and operational use, as well as with withdrawal. Finally, the procedure is also to make it possible to estimate the time required to acquire the equipment.

The deadline for placing technical dialogue requests expires on 6th April 2020. The dialogue is planned to be finalized, according to preliminary plans, by June 2020.

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