Polish Military Institute of Armament Technology Procures Leopard Tank Gun Barrel For The Dynamic Test Centre.

19 kwietnia 2016, 16:52

Military Institute of Armament Technology is looking for a supplier of a 120 x 570 mm barrel, used within the gun of the Leopard 2 tank. The component is to be received by the dynamic tests centre based in Stalowa Wola. 

Military Institute of Armament Technology announced that it has initiated a procurement procedure, the aim of which is to select a supplier for a 44 calibre length barrel (with a housing), and with the chamber length of 570 millimetres, tailored to be used with the Rheinmetall 120 mm L44 mm tank gun cradle (NATO Standard) with two ports in the round chamber, that could be used to install piezo-electric pressure sensors (M12x1 thread). The barrel is expected to be delivered to the headquarters of the Ordering Party, it may be factory new or used, however, in the latter case, number of the taken shots cannot exceed 250 (or less, calculated on the basis of a formula contained in the announcement).

The Contractor is also required to deliver the subject of the agreement with a 24-months long period of guarantee or guarantee covering – in total1250 shots. The Order is going to be realized as a limited tender, without any web-based auction. The request placing deadline is defined as May 10th 2016, 10 AM.

The component is to be received by the dynamic tests centre in Stalowa Wola. Zielonka-based Military Institute of Armament Technology is carrying out research pertaining to the 120 millimetres tank rounds. Several types of projectiles (training and combat rounds) have already been moved towards the production stage, with involvement on the part of the Institute, and this ammunition is being used by the Polish Army with the Leopard 2 tanks.

The Ordering Party states that the delivery term is defined as, maximally 3 months from conclusion of the agreement. Three contractors will bee invited to place their offers. The criteria related to selection of the specific offers include price (weight of 80) and delivery deadline (weight of 20). Terms of reference will be provided, along with an invitation to place the offers to the contractors who will meet the conditions related to inclusion in the proceedings, and who are going to be qualified with rank from 1st to 3rd place, after the offer assessment is carried out.

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