Poland Ready to Accelerate The Process of Creating LITPOLUKRBRIG, as Poroshenko Visits the Brigade Command

19 grudnia 2014, 11:07

Minister Tomasz Siemoniak welcomed the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, who visited the HQ of the new joint Lithuanian-Ukrainian-Polish Brigade, dubbed LITPOLUKRBRIG located in Lublin. Head of the Polish Ministry of Defence stated that Poland is ready to accelerate the process of creating this joint military unit.

Poroshenko, who is currently visiting Poland, visited the Lublin-based LITPOLUKRBRIG HQ. He has been welcomed in accordance with the military protocol, featuring both Polish as well as Ukrainian national anthems. Polish delegation consisted, inter alia, of the Polish Minister of Defence,  Tomasz Siemoniak and chief of the National Security Bureau, Stanisław Koziej. 

Poroshenko  visited the HQ, including the premises in which the Ukrainian officers will be working. He also reviewed the equipment, which is to be used by the command battalion of the Brigade. Minister Siemoniak, providing a real-time reports on visit via Twitter, stated that he is ready to accelerate the process of creating the joint LITPOLUKRBRIG unit. 

Agreement, which regulates the issue of the new, joint Lithuanian-Ukrainian-Polish brigade, has been signed in September 2014 in Warsaw by the Ministers of Defence of the countries involved. The unit is to be used to take part in UN-, NATO- and EU-guided operations, as well as within ad hoc task forces, which are created in line with the UN Charter.

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