PGZ’s Foundation Begins Its Activities From Purchasing the “The Deluge” Novel Manuscript

24 października 2017, 13:23
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Pages with the “The Deluge” manuscript by Henryk Sienkiewicz were transferred to the Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum in Wola Okrzejska. This was the first act made by a new foundation created by the PGZ Group. The Foundation’s job is to reinforce the values that have been accompanying our nation since 1000 years – as it was stressed by Antoni Macierewicz, Minister of Defence, during the event.

The foundation contributed to acquisition of the manuscript, providing 70 thousand zlotys and supporting the transaction. The process of collecting the funds was being carried out by the Museum in Wola Okrzejska, where the author of the famous Trilogy was born.

During the ceremony of handing over the Manuscripts, head of the Polish Ministry of Defence, Antoni Macierewicz, noted that the spirit of the nation is the main factor contributing to its tangible strength. – The foundation is to promote the beliefs that have been accompanying our nation since a thousand years – as the Minister stated.

Macierewicz noted that the national features, such as the famous Polish “flash in the pan” – even though short lived, immensely strong – may be a source of victory, if the politicians are willing to make use of their inherent potential.

The foundation is going to transform this flash in the pan, when it is the strongest, into permanent features, into permanent beliefs of the Polish nation.

Antoni Macierewicz

President of the PGZ Group, Blażej Wojnicz, was stressing the fact that acquisition of the manuscript is a proof that the Group is not an ordinary company basing its activities on motives that are purely business in their nature: – PGZ is a strategic company within the national security system, but we understand this security as a broader term. It is not limited to delivery of the best, latest military equipment and armament for the Polish Armed Forces.Security is also a part of the culture, a part of the national heritage and a part of the fight for the historical remembrance – Wojnicz said.

The Wola Okrzejska Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum has received 10 pages of the “The Deluge” manuscript, including fragments describing three scenes – capturing the Swedish unit, Swedes trapped between Vistula and San and taking over of Sandomierz, as well as Zagłoba’s message sent to the Swedish camp to liberate Roch Kowalski. The aforesaid literary protagonist has his symbolic grave placed within the Church of Our Lady of Loreto area in Warsaw. There, the handing-over of the manuscripts took place. The ceremony also involved laying down the flowers at the tombstone.

Purchase of those manuscripts is our declaration, as to what is going to be the subject of our service.The most important driving values for our work include the patriotic values. We will pay tribute to our heritage and culture.We also want to show that serving one’s native land may be understood widely, not always as a fight, sometimes it may entail involvement in a completely different dimension – as it was stated by the PGZ Foundation’s President, Eliza Dzwonkiewicz.

President of the PGZ Gorup, Błażej Wojnicz, acts as the head of the foundation council, with Szczepan Ruman, Group’s member of the board, acting as Vice-President. The council also includes Krzysztof Łączyński of the Polish Ministry of Defence staff. The foundation motto has been derived from the Kochanowski’s “Pieśń o cnocie” poem [Song of Virtue]: “For those who serve their homeland”.
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