PCO S.A. is a leader of the Polish market of optoelectronics, especially within the scope of manufacturing the night-vision devices. The developed solutions are delivered to the Polish Armed Forces, and they have been used operationally in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The PCO S.A. company is the leader of the consortium, aim of which is to create the TYTAN future soldier system for the Polish Army.

The offer of the company includes night-vision and thermal vision devices, laser warning systems, fire control systems, including systems which are dedicated for use with the main battle tanks. The developed optical systems may be used by the individual soldiers, they may also constitute an element of the equipment, which is being used by the combat vehicles. The company offers aiming sights for small arms, night vision and thermal vision googles and optoelectronic devices,  which are used as an integral element of the anti-aircraft systems and remotely controlled armament modules.

The consortium led by the PCO S.A. is working to develop the equipment and technical solutions for the TYTAN future soldier system, which is to be utilized by the Polish Army soon. Elements of the system include aiming sights for individual and team weaponry. In cooperation with our partners we are also working on elements of avionics for aircraft, such as flight parameters display systems for the Mi-17 helicopters.

The company’s roots are dated back to 1976, when ‘Przemysłowe Centrum Optyki w budowie’ was established. It was tasked with delivering optoelectronics for the Polish Army. After the transformation of the Polish economy in 1994 Przemysłowe Centrum Optyki Spółka Akcyjna Joint-Stock Company has been established. Back in 2002, 80% of PCO’s equity has been transferred to the Polish Defence Holding. Currently PCO S.A. is a part of the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa [Polish Armament Group], which is a state-led group, which gathers together the Polish companies acting within the defence sector.