PCO S.A Booth at the MSPO 2015 Defence Salon

29 sierpnia 2015, 12:59
KLW-1 ASTERIA Thermal Imaging Camera - Image Credit: PCO S.A.
NPL-1T AGAT Thermal Vision Binoculars - Image Credit: PCO S.A.

During the MSPO 2015 defence salon organized in Kielce, PCO S.A will present a range of the company’s products, including the thermal and night vision devices. These systems are going to be demonstrated within the framework of the PGZ S.A. booth, which is going to be organized, primarily, according to a theme referring to the Armed Forces modernization programme.

PCO S.A products that will be presented during the event fall within two categories. “Individual equipment and armament” and “Land systems”. The company will present the new products, that were created as a result of the research and development works in the area of thermal vision technology. The products included the NPL-1T “AGAT” binoculars (with chances to receive the DEFENDER award) and KWL-1 “ASTERIA” thermal vision camera.

Moreover, the following product range was also being presented:

  • miniaturized MU-3M “KOLIBER” universal monocular;
  • PNL-2AD/M “SZPAK” Night Vision Goggles;
  • NPL-2 “KRUK” Night Vision Goggles;
  • Miniaturized PNL-3M “ORLIK” Aviation Night-Vision Goggles;
  • DCM-1 “SZAFIR” Daytime Modular Sight;
  • SCT “RUBIN” Thermal-Vision Sight;
  • GOD-1 “IRIS” stabilized targeting/observation optronic system.

PCO S.A is a company which is a part of the Polish Armament Group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa). It additionally acts as a research and manufacturing centre, at which the developed products constitute a result of own research capabilities. The company is one of the leading Polish manufacturers, dealing with sales and production process related to optics, sights and observation devices that utilize laser, night- and thermal-vision technologies, all of which are designed for military applications.



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