Paris Air Show 2015: MBDA FlexiS Modular Missile

23 czerwca 2015, 13:14


During the Paris Air Show 2015 event, the MBDA company presented a concept of the modular FlexiS missile. The designers are planning to create a family of missiles based on a single fuselage within which, thanks to the modular architecture of the weapon, it would be possible to embed subsystems that could be utilized in a variety of applications. Thanks to the above, the missile would be customizable depending on the needs, and thus it would be capable of destroying land, maritime and airborne targets.

The MBDA company presented the modular FlexiS missile concept during the Paris Air Show 2015. The presented CVW102 model is a preview of the whole family of missiles, with calibers ranging from 180, through 350, up to 450 mm. The designers are planning to create a family of weapons, based on a single, shared fuselage within which, thanks to the modular architecture of the missile, it would be possible to embed subsystems that could be utilized in a variety of applications.

According to the statements made by the MBDA company, the modules embedded in the missile are to be interchangeable in operational conditions. Thanks to the above, FlexiS structure would be customizable, in order to meet the requirements for a specific mission. This is to be possible thanks to the communication technology implemented in the missile, which would facilitate the exchange of the information between the individual modules. The modules are to be recognized by an electronic unit which is responsible for configuration and control. Thanks to that each of the components would be automatically integrated with the system.

This concept also makes it possible to integrate the state-of-the-art components within the new weapon, their interface being compatible with the base platform as the sole requirement for the potential integration. The FlexiS programme assumes that a missile self-configuration system, contact-less universal interface or shared power supply system and a communication bus between the modules are to be applied within the structure of the weapon.

The plan assumes that four variants of the FlexiS missiles are going to be developed: 180 mm calibre, with a length of 180 or 300 cm, 350 mm calibre and 350 cm long version and finally, a variant which is to have a calibre of 450 mm and length of 550 cm.  The smallest missile is developed first, and it is designated as CVW102. Its scale model has been presented during the Paris event. The missile was presented in a variety of configurations – medium range anti-surface missile, anti-tank missile or very short range air-to-air missile which could be utilized to act against the UAVs.

MBDA concept of the FlexiS modular missiles constitutes an example of the prospective paths of development for the missile systems that may be followed in the future. In the basic assumption, such approach would increase the flexibility of the armament. According to the declarations made by the company, the equipment developed within the project is to offer significant reduction of the integration costs, when it comes to the new types of weapons systems.

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