Pakistan Armed Forces Modernization Programme: A Chance for PGZ?

20 listopada 2017, 16:22
Image Credit: PGZ.
Image Credit: PGZ.
Image Credit: PGZ.
Image Credit: PGZ.

Pakistani 2017-2018 defence budget is as high as 9 billion dollars, thus, there is something to fight for there – as it was stated Maciej Lew-Mirski, member of the board at the PGZ Group, who was talking about options of working together with the Polish defence industry with the representatives of the largest Pakistani defence sector entity.This was the first out of three visits as such at the PGZ Group. Two more are planned to take place until the end of the year.

Potential for procurement and technology transfer related to manufacturing of ammunition and firearms was the main topic of the talks involving Maciej Lew-Mirski, member of the board at PGZ, and the President of the Pakistan Ordnance Factory, General Umar Farooq Durrani. The Pakistani military, since some time now has been getting ready to announce a tender, the goal of which would be to replace the license manufactured German G3 rifles and Chinese Type 56 AK/AKM rifles.

According to the information released by the PGZ, the Pakistani Delegates would pay a visit to the “Łucznik” Radom Arms Factory, ZM Tarnów facility, MESKO facility in Skarżysko Kamienna; furthermore, the meeting agenda also foresees a visit to the range, where the delegates will have a chance to get acquainted with the equipment manufactured by the PGZ Group companies and utilized by the Polish military.

The Pakistani expressed a huge demand for firearms which is tied to the unstable situation in the region.The arms race in Southern Asia, as well as the internally emerging threats, force the authorities to develop the defence industry capabilities, including the capability to manufacture modern firearms and ammunition.PGZ sees a major potential that could be entailed by cooperation with Islamabad. Not only does it apply to firearms, but also to other areas of the Pakistani armed forces modernization process.Pakistani 2017-2018 defence budget is as high as 9 billion dollars, thus, undoubtedly there is something to fight for there - as it was stated by Maciej Lew-Mirski, the member of the board of the PGZ Group following the meeting.

The Pakistani Armed Forces employs almost 650 thousand draft soldiers. Pakistani military is divided into Land, Air and Naval components. Each of the branches of the military has its own command, separate combat units and is highly autonomous. It is a fully professionalized army with numerous reserves, working closely together with the paramilitary organizations. Pakistan is also one of the nuclear superpowers, with arsenal containing 120 to 140 warheads. The quantity varies, depending on the source of data.

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It is expected that Pakistan would be acquiring 500 to 800 thousand of new automatic rifles that would replace the weaponry that was being utilized so far. Islamabad carefully approaches the issue of selection with regards to new armament, analyzing all of the pros and cons of potential procurement. The analyzed areas include a variety of ammunition types, operational theatres, as well as the high cost (up to 2 billion dollars) entailed by introducing new armament in such a high quantity.
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