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Image Credit: ZM Tarnów
Image Credit: ZM Tarnów
Mobile shooting ranges are being utilized e.g. by the Prison Guards Service. Image Credit: ZM Tarnów
Image Credit: ZM Tarnów
Image Credit: ZM Tarnów
Image Credit: ZM Tarnów
Image Credit: ZM Tarnów

ZM Tarnów company has modified its container-based shooting range, introducing the OSP [Basic Training Facility] and ZKMSĆK [Advanced Roofed Mobile Training Shooting Range in 40ft HC Containers] products into its offer. The aforesaid training facilities are still retaining a high degree of mobility, being a perfect solution to carry out firearms training across a variety of locations. The company is referring to its product as a response to the growing demand regarding the firearms training, related to foundation of the Territorial Defence branch within the Polish Armed Forces. However, this is not the only purpose of the system, since it is also destined to be used to train the uniformed services or secure the volunteer training programme for students enrolled in the Academic Legion (Legia Akademicka).

As a basic and advanced training facility, the range makes it possible to conduct training activities at distances ranging from 5 to 50 metres, involving combat weaponry: pistols and revolvers with calibres of up to .45, machine pistols with calibres of up to 9 mm, as well as 5.56 mm rifles, such as Beryl, Mini Beryl and GROT firearms, all utilized by the Polish Armed Forces. The system allows for using ammunition shot at muzzle speeds of up to 1000 metres per second with energies of up to 2000 J.

The concept for creation of a mobile range as such is based on an assumption to provide training at locations where no fixed infrastructure exists or where establishing of such infrastructure would entail excessive expenditure, or in cases when it would simply be impossible due to the level of urbanization. The ZM Tarnów representatives emphasize the fact that the compact design and mobility of the range of the company’s original design, all allow for minimizing the cost of procurement and operation.

Image Credit: ZM Tarnów

A single facility as such may be used to carry out firearms training activities in several districts. Not only are the container-based shooting ranges destined for being used by the military, as they are also dedicated for Police field units that have no proper firearms training facilities at their disposal. Systems of this variety are being used by the Polish Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior and Administration. In total 21 mobile container shooting range remain in use now.

The container shooting ranges are a response to the growing demand for firearm training facilities, that need to be established outside large urban centres and military garrisons. Michał Dworczyk, Secretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Defence, recently mentioned the initiative on the Parliamentary forum, the goal of which would be to support financing for establishment of shooting ranges. The said programme would be addressed to the local authority bodies.

Responding to the questions related to the programme for provision of support for the shooting ranges construction works I would like to inform that indeed, initiative as such is a subject to analysis. Responding to the requests arising at the level of local authorities and NGOs, it needs to be said that works are in progress, on preparation of such programme at the Ministry of Defence. According to the assumptions it would be initiated on 1st January 2018.

Secretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Defence, Michał Dworczyk

Container-based shooting range could be operated jointly by several users: Territorial Defence units and field Police units, in the areas where Territorial Defence elements are being formed. The ranges may also be used to enhance the firearms proficiency of other parties interested in using them, e.g. the Academic League student trainees, or members of the pro-defence organizations.

The mobile design and placing the whole training facility within containers makes it possible to arrange it in any location where enough space is available, without any need to obtain proper permits. The training may begin several minutes after the arrival on location. The shooting range may also be placed on container-carrying trailers, and, in such configuration, used for training.

The complete container range consists of two or more connected containers. The shooting zone has been designed for fixed and variable ranges. Thanks to the new visualization systems and software, the shooting range also makes it possible to carry out training within the scope of a variety of targets: stationary, moving and active threats. What is more, the officers and armed services using the system will have an option of changing the training programmes, depending on the relevant needs.

Image Credit: ZM Tarnów

The facilities also feature a multimedia training simulator the purpose of which is to conduct firearms training with the use of live rounds and laser replicas. The simulator makes it possible to effectively extend the range length up to 200 metres.

The container shooting range offered by ZM Tarnów S.A. has been certified for its safety, both within the scope of the bullet traps, as well as when it comes to the applied technologies. The air conditioning module features an air conditioning cooler utilizing a heat pump system. This is going to make it possible to limit the consumption of energy and CO2 emissions.

The whole system is also tailored to conduct firearms training with the optronic devices involved, such as the MU-3M night vision monocular. The range features a smooth lighting adjustment system too. Firearms replicas with recoil imitation may be used within the range as well. The equipment of the shooting range allows the instructor to pause or repeat the displayed scenarios, and to record the training progress.

The shooting may be conducted in bursts or single shots, with the use of FMJ and JSP rounds and with conventional soft core rounds.

The training may take place individually or in squad settings, with dynamic or static shooting taking place. The design of the container-based range makes it possible for the trainees to develop proper shooting habits in safe environment, also allowing for introduction of shooter’s movement at any stage of training.

The range, thus, is a relevant asset within the educational and training processes related to use of firearms. The representatives of the ZM Tarnów company place a significant emphasis on the fact that the container-based shooting range is also tailored to promote the military and military equipment, also reinforcing the social interest in military equipment and defence issues, which has been frequently demonstrated during numerous events, expos and exhibitions. 

The article has been prepared on the basis of the press materials provided by the ZM Tarnów company.

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