I/ITSEC 2017: Leopards and Beyond. Polish Simulators Showcased in the USA

1 grudnia 2017, 15:35
Image Credit: Autocomp-Management.
Image Credit: Autocomp-Management.
Image Credit: Autocomp-Management.

Polish Autocomp-Management company has been demonstrating its simulation systems offer during the I/ITSEC 2017 event, organized in Orlando, Florida, in the US. A number of simulators is being showcased. The demonstrated products include solutions dedicated for both civil, as well as for the military users. Notably, Autocomp-Management had been previously delivering Leopard 2 simulators for the Norwegian and Qatar Armed Forces.

During the I/ITSEC 2017 event Autocomp-Management company hailing from Poland is showcasing a full range of military and civil simulation systems. People attending the event may get acquainted with simulators of the Leopard tank sight systems, as well as with firearm or sniper sights simulators or simulation systems coming in a form or binoculars, dedicated for firearms training. The smaller hardware is being showcased alongside its big counterparts.

Autocomp Management also brought promotional materials to the United States, covering the remaining part of the company’s offer. The said offer includes, among other products, the well known Śnieżnik system, created in collaboration with the Polish Military Institute of Armament Technology (WITU). Another system offered by Autocomp is the Jaskier simulator used by the Polish military to train the drivers of the Rosomak APC (based on the AMV platform). The said solution is being delivered in collaboration with the Rosomak S.A. company, by means of a consortium. Not only has the Autocomp company been designing simulation systems with the land forces in mind, as other branches of the military, including the Navy, may also make use of the solutions proposed. One of the most complex products offered by Autocomp is the Spartan net-centric complex battlefield simulator. The aforesaid system is being offered for the Polish Military.

Image Credit: Autocomp-Management.

Autocomp-Management also remains present and active on the international market. This is done through cooperation with the German Krauss-Maffei Wegmann company. The said cooperation made it possible to develop and successfully implement a Leopard 2A7 main battle tank simulator, acquired by the armed forces of Qatar. Qatar is one of the first users of this tank around the world. The simulator in question offers a high degree of fidelity, also replicating the pedal push-force changes caused by driving the vehicle in rough terrain.

Autocomp-Management has also delivered full High Fidelity Leopard 2 simulators. This was done in collaboration with the KMW company as well. HMMWV simulator presented during this year’s MSPO event in Kielce should be listed among the products that have been premiered just recently. Autocomp’s offer includes solutions designed with the civil market in mind as well, including truck and bus simulators developed in collaboration with the Solaris company. All products contained within the offer have been showcased in Orlando, in a variety of forms.

The representatives of the Polish manufacturer place a great emphasis on the fact that the products offered are highly interesting also for the potential foreign users, including the ones from the United States of America. This happens both due to the high level of technology applied within the simulators, as well as due to quality of the offered products. The presence at the I/ITSEC 2017 event is aimed at directly presenting the products to the potential users. Furthermore, the company also hopes to expand its business relationships with the leading suppliers of simulation and training solutions.

Image Credit: Autocomp-Management.

I/ITSEC 2017 is one of the major global exhibitions covering the domain of training simulations and modeling. The event takes place in Orlando, Florida, between 27th November and 1st December this year. Numerous products showcased during the event are dedicated for the US market. Most of the 400 companies exhibiting their products during the event are also based in the USA.

Solutions showcased during the I/ITSEC exhibitions are also being closely looked at by the US military. US Armed Forces place a great emphasis on embedding new technologies in the training process. The simulation and training technologies sector is facing a period of dynamic development which is driven by rapid technological advancement in the area of simulators, as well as by increased demand related to solutions that would make it possible to train the future users of the simulated systems in joint environment, with involvement of a variety of armament systems. Not only are combat simulators and training systems being presented during the event, as solutions that could be employed to train technicians, logistics practitioners or staff officers form a major portion of the showcased hardware too.

Autocomp-Management would like to present its offer of advanced simulation systems by getting involved in the I/ITSEC 2017 event. It is the only Polish company showcasing its products in the US during the expo in question. Units of the US military or NATO are also participating in the I/ITSEC exhibition. Among the major European players, the following defence sector companies have decided to showcase their offers during the event organized in the United States: Thales, Saab, Rheinmetall, RUAG, KMW, Kongsberg.

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