Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. is a manufacturer of the following types of military equipment:

Artillery equipment:
- autonomous turret systems: RAK automatic 120 mm mortar turret and RTCS remote controlled 30 mm cannon
- self-propelled artillery equipment: mortars (RAK – wheeled and tracked versions), howitzers (155 mm KRAB, 155 mm KRYL and 120 mm GOZDZIK), rocket launchers (LANGUSTA and LANGUSTA II)
- other: hauled 122 mm and 98 mm mortars and 35 mm automatic cannon

Light and armoured, tracked or wheeled transporters:
- command vehicles,
- reconnaissance vehicles,
- ammunition supply vehicles,
- repair and maintenance workshop vehicles.

Engineering equipment:
- mine layers (wheeled BAOBAB and tracked KROTON)
- basic engineering equipment (loader dozer and backhoe loader)

HSW worked out its’ own, unique strategy of offering its’ products as composed into complete Armaments Units. The structure of these basic tactical/firing units of land forces (companies, battalions) remains unified and in every case consists of the four key components:

- Effectors (firing means),
- Reconnaissance,
- Logistics,
- Command and Fire Control System (FCS).

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