Hungarian Ground Surveillance Radars for the Polish Military?

14 stycznia 2020, 14:48
Polish recon units personnel. Image Credit: senior staff chor. Rafał Mniedło/11th “Lubuska” Armoured Cavalry Division

The Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD has selected the best offer in the procurement procedure concerning the battlefield reconnaissance radars that has been going on since 2015. The selected offer was submitted by the Budapest-based Pro Patria Electronics Kft. company.

According to the Armament Inspectorate, the Hungarian offer was considered to be the best, with score of 90 points given for the price and 10 points for the guarantee term. KenBIT Koenig i Wspólnicy Sp. z o. o. and ELTA Systems consortium was ranked second, with the offer getting 45.19 points for the price and 10 points for the guarantee term. Consortium formed by WB Electronics S.A. and SRCTec LLC was ranked third, with 35.61 points for the price and 10 points for the guarantee term.

The procedure was conducted via negotiation, in line with the Public Procurement law. The announcement pertaining to the procurement published back in 2015 it was assumed that 93 radars would be acquired (guaranteed portion of the acquisition) with another 11 being an option. The initial assumption was that 93 radars would be delivered until 2022, with further examples expected until 2023. However, as the procurement procedure in question has been running late, the deadlines will probably be subjected to changes.

Major Krzysztof Płatek, spokesman for the Armament Inspectorate, told us that value of the winning bid fits the budgetary assumptions of the Ordering Party. Meanwhile, the date of conclusion pertaining to the delivery agreement is dependent on whether the remaining participants would use the appeal measures available to them. Major Płatek said that the delivery schedule would be contained within the agreement.

Ground surveillance (battlefield reconnaissance radars, as the Polish nomenclature defines them) radar systems are one of the primary reconnaissance assets that shall be introduced by the Army. Currently the military only has a relatively small quantity of hardware as such. Equipment of this type can be used by both the recon units in general, but also by the artillery component. However, to properly utilize the capabilities of a system as such, it needs to be a part of a datalink/BMS network, such as the Topaz system utilized by the artillery or Rosomak BMS solution operated by the Land Forces.

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