AS 2017: Warmate UAV with Ukrainian Warheads [PHOTOS]

18 października 2017, 13:18
Warmate at the CheZaRa stand. Image Credit: J.Sabak
Ukrainian warheads designed for the Warmate UAV. Image Credit: J.Sabak
CheZaRa warhead on Warmate UAV. One may note its distinct shape. Image Credit: J.Sabak
Two Kozak-2M vehicles featuring control stations for the FlyEye UAVs. Image Credit: J.Sabak

Chernihov based “CheZaRa” radiotechnical equipment factory has prepared, in collaboration with the Praktika company, its own variants of the Polish WB Group’s Warmate and FlyEye UAVs, along with the control stations based on the Kozak-2M (Cossack-2M) vehicles. The products were presented during the “Arms and Security 2017” expo held in Kiev.At the same time, “CheZaRa” also showcased its original warheads dedicated for the Warmate system.The family of warheads includes four types of munitions, with fragmentation, HE, shaped charge and incendiary payload. 

CheZaRa” company has presented two Kozak-2M (Cossack) vehicles manufactured by the Praktika company, at its stand during the expo in Kiev. These are armoured offroad vehicles offering enhanced IED/mine protection, that have been introduced into the inventory of the Ukrainian National Guard and uniformed services. Kozak-2M1 and M2 models differ in armament and equipment fitted within the body. Both platforms offer NATO STANAG 4569-compliant protection at level III, providing the crew with shielding from 7.62×51 mm NATO AP rounds, meanwhile the reinforced hull can withstand explosion of equivalent of 8 kilograms of TNT. The vehicle uses a 279 HP engine.

One of the platforms was also equipped with a remote control weapons station featuring a .50-cal. machine gun, while the other vehicle featured a turret with 14.5 and 7.62 machine guns and a 30 mm grenade launcher.

Two Kozak-2M vehicles featuring control stations for the FlyEye UAVs. Image Credit: J.Sabak

In case of both Kozak-2M vehicles, FlyEye and Warmate UAV control stations have been installed onboard, along with the WB Group’s FONET communications suite. The UAV systems mentioned above have been present in Ukraine for some time now, being jointly offered for the Armed Forces by the CheZaRa company working together with the Polish WB Group. FlyEye UAV system has been used in Ukraine since March 2015, logging more than 1000 hours of flight time. The Warmate UCAV/Loitering Munitions system is also being delivered to Ukraine by the WB Group company, on the basis of an agreement signed during this year’s edition of the MSPO event, with the Ukroboronprom umbrella company. The UAV in question weighs 5 kilograms, its wingspan is 1.4 meters, and it is 1.1 meters long. At distances of up to 10 kilometers, the system has a flight endurance of up to 30 minutes. Its top speed is 80 kilometres per hour.

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What is interesting, even though the UAVs are delivered from Poland, the warheads have been developed and are, consequently, manufactured by the Ukrainian CheZaRa facility. Design-wise the aforesaid warheads are very similar to the ones developed by the Military Institute of Armament Technology, with a purpose of being used in case of the Warmate and Dragonfly platforms. The “CheZaRa” warheads were, initially, very similar to the ones made in Poland. However, the current generation has a slightly elongated, aerodynamic shape, while the sensor lens has a greater diameter, which is noticeable on the photos. The warhead weight has also been increased, and all of the warheads weigh more than 1 kilogram. In case of the HE charge, according to the manufacturer, the weight exceeds 1400 grams.

Ukrainian warheads designed for the Warmate UAV. Image Credit: J.Sabak

Training and combat warheads have been developed in Ukraine: HE, HE-Frag, incendiary and shaped charge one. According to the manufacturer’s specification, the fragmentation and HE warheads offer a greater terminal effect area, in comparison with their Polish GO-1/2 counterpart. However, the shaped-charge variant offers less penetration than its Polish counterpart - 120 mm in comparison with more than 150 mm of armour penetration offered by the GK-1 HEAT ordnance. The incendiary warhead remains effective within a radius of 8 metres, and it achieves temperature of 2 thousand degrees Celsius.

The UCAV systems are offered within the framework of the “Sokol” system, consisting of the Kozak-2M vehicle and a drone-control station featuring one FlyEye UAV and three Warmate loitering munitions-class systems.

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