AS 2017: “Stokrotka” Rocket Artillery System - Field Tests Imminent

16 października 2017, 18:00

During the Arms and Security 2017 exhibition organized in Kiev, Polish-Ukrainian ZRN-01 „Stokrotka” (“Daisy”) rocket launch system was presented. The said platform fuses the 80 mm unguided rockets, manufactured by Ukroboronprom, with the modern Topaz fire control system, offered by the Polish WB Group. The whole package is soon to begin a field test programme on Ukrainian ranges soon.

ZRN-01 “Stokrotka” (“Daisy”) multiple rocket launcher was premiered during this year’s edition of the Kielce MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition. Meanwhile, in case of the Arms and Security 2017 expo held in Kiev, Stokrotka is presented as a part of the Ukroboronprom’s offer, alongside the Dozor-B armoured vehicle and a prototype of the latest BTR-4MW1 platform.

ZRN-01 “Stokrotka” system constitutes an effect of cooperation between the WB Group’s Arex company and the Ukrainian Artem entity belonging to the Ukroboronprom group. ZRN-1 makes use of a highly mobile STAR 265M2 6×6 platform which accommodates a rotating base for two B8W20 aviation unguided rocket launchers. RS-80P unguided rockets with a programmable fuse constitute the primary effector within the system. The fuse is provided by the Ukrainian Artem company. This type of airburst munitions can be utilized for the purpose of attacking ground targets, or even drones, helicopters and other low velocity airborne threats. 

Thanks to the fact that the launcher makes use of a computerized fire control suite, coming in a form of the Topaz system, that acquires the targeting data from the GS400 optronic sensor installed onboard, “Stokrotka” may conduct precision strikes against ground targets at distances of up to 6 kilometres, as well as against low-flying UAVs and helicopters, at distances of up to 4 kilometres. 

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According to the information provided by Piotr Wojciechowski, WB Group’s President who was attending the Kiev exhibition, the “Stokrotka” system would, soon, be deployed to a range, in order to conduct ballistic test programme. The tests will be used to determine the parameters required to obtain the targeting data for the fire control system. Then, test firing within the scope of acting against targets at a variety of distances is planned to be conducted.

ZRN-01 “Stokrotka” system is going to undergo development and upgrades, as it was planned already. One of the problems related to operational use of the platform is seen in limited capabilities of the radar, within the scope of detecting UAVs as Warmate of FlyEye. Thus, a variety of radars is soon going to be tested with the “Daisy” RLS. President Wojciechowski stated that Ukrainian radars would also be taken into account during the test programme. Should circumstances emerge in which a proper device remains unavailable on the market, the WB Group also considers an option of initiating development works on own radar design that could be used in this field of applications. 

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