WZL-1 Facility Finalizes Overhauls of the Senegalese Mi-24 Hinds

December 4, 2017, 1:28 PM

WZL-1 facility based in Łódź has finalized overhaul of two Mi-24 Hind helicopters of the Senegalese Air Force. The gunships were transported to Africa onboard An-124 Ruslan heavy airlifter belonging to the fleet of Antonov Airlines.

On 30th November 2017, WZL-1 facility has handed off two Mi-24 Hind helicopters to the Senegalese Air Force. The gunships underwent overhauls in Poland. This means that the WZL-1 facility has finalized the performance of work envisaged in the contract concerning the overhauls of three Senegalese rotorcraft. The first of the Mi-24 helicopters was sent back to Africa in January 2017. 

The transfer of the rotary-winged aircraft was preceded by a major logistical effort, with a goal of placing the cargo inside the bay of the Antonov Airlines An-124 that has landed in Łódź. After that the helicopters were transported to Dakar.

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Loading the helicopters onto the An-124. Image Credit: WZL-1

An-124 Rusłan is a four-engined, strategic airlifter, designed at the Antonov Design Bureau. Its wingspan is 73.5 metres. The aircraft features a cargo bay which is 36.5 metres long, 6.5 metres wide and 4 metres high. An-124 is capable of lifting up to 170 tonnes. This is the second cargo operation involving the An-124, as the first of the overhauled helicopters was delivered to Africa in January this year.

WZL Nr 1 S.A. facility belonging to the PGZ Group is the main helicopter overhaul facility in Poland. The company has obtained credentials to carry out overhauls and maintenance of the following types: Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-17, Mi-24, W-3 Sokół and SH-2G Kaman. The facility is also to obtain ability to maintain and repair other helicopters, which are soon going to be introduced into the inventory of the Polish Army.

Image Credit: WZL-1

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