Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements – Tactical Thrown Robot For The Polish Border Guard

July 12, 2016, 12:10 PM

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) has completed another delivery pertaining to the latest 2.0 variant of the Tactical Thrown Robot [Taktyczny Robot Miotany]. The device is going to be received by the Silesian - Lesser Poland Unit of the Polish Border Guard.

TRM is a device, the purpose of which is to support counter-terrorism operations. The robot in question has been designed as a response to the dangers involved in the process of carrying out reconnaissance within the operational areas by the special forces, prior to execution of the operation. TRM 2.0 consists of a pipe-based framework, featuring a camera, microphone, and visible or infra-red light illumination devices. The device is driven by two flexible rubber wheels mounted on the sides of the robot.

The robot is able to withstand falls from significant heights, thus it may be thrown into the building, or into the operational area within an open space, from a long distance. Then, with the use ofthe applied remote control system, it may carry out a relevant reconnaissance task.

TRM 2.0 robot may also be fitted with accessories, such as flashbangs or explosive devices. This makes it possible to use the device to introduce chaos and fear among the group of attackers.

According to the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, the new robot’s drive is quieter than the one used in case of its predecessor. The device makes it possible to smoothly regulate the angle of view of the camera, within the full 360 degree range, without any need of using tools. It is also possible to apply a variety of LED illumination or flashbangs, and mount them onto the robot. The robot’s control panel’s dimensions are small and it is lightweight. The system also features a digital recorder integrated with the control panel. It is also possible to operate several robots, with the use of a single control panel.
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