2.4 Million Rounds of Ammunition for the Polish Border Guard

PUBLISHED AT: Wednesday, 08 June 2016, 10:32

Polish Border Guard HQ announced that a tender has been initiated, the goal of which is to deliver up to 2.4 million rounds of the 9mm FMJ ammunition, until the end of this year. The ammunition is destined to be used with the PM-98, UMP and MP-5 machine pistols, and P-99, Glock and CZ pistols.

The subject of the order includes procurement of 1.4 million 9 mm Parabellum rounds with a full metal jacket bullet, which are destined to be used with the PM-98, UMP and MP-5 machine pistols and P-99, Glock and CZ pistols.

The rounds are expected to be delivered in two stages. The initial lot is going to be received within the period of 10 weeks, starting from the date when the agreement is concluded, while the second batch is expected to be delivered until 25th November 2016, but not before 3 weeks pass after the initial batch of the order is supplied. 

Moreover, the tender also includes an optional order, should the Border Guard HQ be in possession of additional funds. The Ordering Party may use the option multiple times, unless the total quantity of the delivered ammunition exceeds the number of 1 million rounds. The deliveries have to be finalized until 15th December 2016. 

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