Ukrainian Army Receives UAV System Manufactured by the Domestic Industry

PUBLISHED AT: Tuesday, 02 February 2016, 16:05

Ukroboronprom company has delivered the first domestically manufactured UAV system for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The system consists of control and communication modules and three light BpAK-MP-1 drones. The whole suite is derived from the programme realized by the Ukrainian companies and the Kiev University of Technology. Soon, this type of UAV is going to be used by the Ukrainian ATO forces in the area of the counter-terrorist operation. 

BpAK-MP-1 system consists of portable control modules and light UAV’s that may be launched by hand, while landing is realized with the use of a parachute. The UAV in question, with a wingspan of 3 meters and length of 129 centimetres, with maximum take-off weight of 5.5 kilograms, is capable of carrying 1.5 kilograms of payload. At an airspeed of 120 kilometres per hour, the Ukrainian airframe is capable of achieving flight endurance of up to 2 hours.

Our UAV systems are three times cheaper to manufacture than their western counterparts. (...) In the current situation, in which Ukraine is, low price, budgetary savings, quality and good technical specification all constitute a significant advantage which may also be a source of success within the foreign markets.

As it was stated, during the ceremony when the new UAVs were received by the Army, by the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Olexandr Turchynov.

At the moment, all of the manufactured UAV’s are to be received by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, fighting against the Separatists, in the Eastern region of the country. Three UAV’s have been manufactured, along with a system for control and data transmissions. These elements of the whole system have been transferred to the Armed Forces. The complete course of development, from design to the final product, has taken a relatively short time - shorter than one year. The UAV is going to be completely based on domestic production.

In the future, the Ukrainian companies of the Ukroboronprom group, which work within the area related to the UAV systems, including the “Meridian” Design Bureau, and the Kiev University of Technology, are going to create a consortium which would be specialized in realization of similar programmes. Numerous UAV designs are being developed at the moment. The initiatives in question are currently at the initial phase of the design process. The above also refers to a variety of UCAV systems.

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Farbademba Sunday, 14 February 2016, 0:58
In politics there might be no frenids and brothers, but we ordinary Russians still consider ordinary Ukrainians our brethren. No, that's wrong: we don't even differentiate us from them that much. [url=]tgvwsdw[/url] [link=]zotujlnei[/link]
Christine Saturday, 13 February 2016, 19:24
with this president Ukraine canot join the European Union and NATO they will stay with Russia but they will not help Ukraine .Russia is only using Ukraine for theyr <a href="">mirlatiy</a> base in Sevastopol .
Alvaryko Friday, 12 February 2016, 18:10
Tell me, do you really think that Europe and NATO needs Ukraine for soetihmng else? As soon as Ukraine will enter NATO and EU, it will be flooded with NATO military, it will have to stop selling weapons to most of its todays clients (Iran, Korea, Libya, etc..) and probably will have to stop producing certain types of weapons (that happened to the Czech Republic). So it will loose an huge amount of revenue from the weapon sector. Most of the military equipment will have to be replaced by NATO-approved (and that costs money), EU will impose a whole bunch of restrictions in agrarian sector (like in Poland), ecology (Ukraine will have to close its coal mines so lots of jobs will be lost and it will have to buy more energy abroad), and it will push on the Ukrainian market European products so lots of Ukrainian food producers will have to go out of business because their production costs are a lot higher than for example Spain or Greece (restructuring costs a lot of money).Do not look at the west as saviors and friends. They will use Ukraine in the same way as Russia, because in politics there are no friends and brothers. There are just political, military and economic interest, greed and opportunism.My advice: Grow up and turn on your brain.