Terrorist Act Takes Place in Kharkiv

PUBLISHED AT: Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 10:57

On Sunday, 22nd February, during the peaceful march, which has been organized to commemorate the Maidan events, a terrorist act took place in Kharkiv.

11 persons were injured and 2 persons were killed, as a result of a bomb attack.

Highest terrorist act threat level has been introduced in the city, and a joint counter-terrorist operation has been launched by the Ukrainian Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 4 persons suspected of preparing the act have been arrested. It has been found out that they were in possession of weapons, including a grenade launcher.

According to the adviser of the head of the Security Service, Markiyan Lubkiskiy, all traces lead the investigators to Russia – the terrorists were trained in the city of Belgorod, where they also received the weapons and the operational instructions. Lubkiskiy also added that a similar act was planned to happen in Odessa, however, here, the preventive measures have been successful.

Mourning had been announced to take place on Monday, February 23rd, along with a minute of silence at 1PM local time.


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